Let me start at the beginning. The Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron. I’ve had this book for over 20 years. I have worked through part of it several times, and have seen so many amazing benefits from it. Somehow I never make it to the end. I’d fall off somewhere around week five or […]

This time of year is so magical. So many things come to mind.   Hot cider. Cider donuts. Multi-colored leaves. Beautiful trees in red, yellow and orange. The weather is chilly but not yet cold. You go outside and just the tip of your nose gets chilly.   Warm blankets and good books. Cold floors. Pulling out […]

Do ever wonder what other knitters have in their notions pouch? And why they keep the things they do in there? Me, too!  That’s why I thought it would be fun to give you a peek inside mine and share with you what I find essential and why! Let’s get started! I found this little pouch at […]

What are your feelings about needle organization? Is it something that you love or does it drive you absolutely bonkers? There are definitely two camps and I fall in the love camp. I hope both camps get something useful out of my thoughts.  I searched long and hard for the right way to organize my needles—for the way my […]

Hello, my fiber friends. I am so happy to be here chatting with you. I want to share a project that I recently completed to contain my knitting ‘stuff’. I had an area near my desk that was unused space and I thought I might be able to utilize the space better. Organizing is a […]