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A peek inside my notions pouch.

Do ever wonder what other knitters have in their notions pouch? And why they keep the things they do in there? Me, too!  That’s why I thought it would be fun to give you a peek inside mine and share with you what I find essential and why! Let’s get started! I found this little pouch at a Target several years ago and it was love at first site. The size, the fact that it zips completely opened, the happy color AND the name of one of my dear childhood friends is the brand name. I was sold!  Then came the fun of building MY perfect notions pouch from the bottom up. I am a big fan of a place for everything and everything in its place so I used that philosophy when I built this out, too.  I started with the double sided notions case (that I found at Joann Fabric several years ago). Into it went all of my many stitch markers. Separated by type so that I can reach for which ever kind is going to work for my project super quick. I have BOR markers, as well as many different options for removable and regular markers.  I love this set up. Oh and of course a couple of stoppers for the end of my needs. My knit night buddy shared some of hers after I kept pulling my knitting out of the bag and losing stitches. Oops. 
On the other side I have a mishmash of cable needles, stitch holders, a row counter ring, a progress keeper, some extra BOR markers and my darning needles. This little case is just perfect for the amount of little things I have. 
And then come the loose things. I love that Ann Budd Handy Gauge Ruler. It has come in handy so many times when I check a gauge swatch. I always have multiple tape measures—so I can toss one into my current project bag. Same with small containers/bags for stitch markers. That way when I am ready to start a new project, I can put everything I need in a bag—and I don’t have to go looking for the stitch makers later. Then come the little useful things—a crochet hook to fix a dropped stitch, an extra large stitch holder that doesn’t fit in my little case, sticky flags, highlighter tape for charts and some scissors. Oh and again, stoppers for the end of my needles. Are we seeing a trend here? 😉
There it is—a break down of what I find useful to keep in my notions pouch 

So what is in your notions pouch? Please share below!

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