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Taking control through organizing

Hello, my fiber friends. I am so happy to be here chatting with you.

I want to share a project that I recently completed to contain my knitting ‘stuff’. I had an area near my desk that was unused space and I thought I might be able to utilize the space better. Organizing is a real passion of mine and in a time where things are crazy, being able to stop and take a moment to contain things seemed like a way to take control. 

So here is my little pocket of control, in a time that it is out of control. (Note: Almost everything I used I already had in the house.) 

I hung a map of Ireland—a gift from a friend—to give me something beautiful to look at when I walked into the room, and to give me ideas for design names. I also ordered some push pin map tacks to mark those designs, because although I may have not been to some of these places, I feel like I have in a small way.

I then took an old luggage stand that I had picked up at a yard sale years ago, spray painted it white, and put a storage box on top of it. Now I have a little station that holds all of my design ideas, papers and projects that are in the works all in one place right near my desk. I added a basket underneath for projects I am designing and a basket within for odds and ends. 

Now when I am working on something, I’m able to reach very easily for what I need and it stays contained. When it comes to organization, I am all about containing things. I love this little setup, it reminds me to work on the things that are important and the map gives me inspiration.

What have you been doing to take control in this crazy time?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Your space is so cozy! I appreciate these behind the scene glimpses. Inspired now to take a fresh look at organization.