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Needle organization—love it or hate it?

What are your feelings about needle organization? Is it something that you love or does it drive you absolutely bonkers? There are definitely two camps and I fall in the love camp. I hope both camps get something useful out of my thoughts. 

I searched long and hard for the right way to organize my needles—for the way my brain works. I went through many iterations and have finally come to one that really works for me. Let me tell you about it and why it works for me—in hopes that my reasoning will help you—if you’re struggling to figure out your own.

As I said in my last post, I need things contained. But I need them easily accessible. So when it came to organizing my needles, I had to find something that did both of those things and yet didn’t look cluttered. Visual clutter is something that will stop my creativity—in it’s tracks.

The way that I brought all of these things together was by having the system. A system that work for my brain. I have a basket that is right next to my main yarn stash—yes I have more than one place my yarn stash lives— that holds cases of needles. I like to keep my interchangeable needles in the cases they came in and after I finish each project they go back.

Any loose fixed needles and double pointed needles go into their own case, one that I searched for for a long timeBecause I knew what I wanted and wasn’t willing to settle until I found that thing. This case was exactly that! It has a spot for each of my fixed circulars, DPNs, and was marked with the size. They’re now in one place and I only need to open up this case to grab the exact one I need—when I need it. The case was an investment, but I saw it as a one time investment for a lifetime of organized needles. 

I also know myself and sometimes I’m lazy, so I plan ahead for this. I need a system that is going to catch that laziness and allow a holding place for my needles so that when I am ready to put them back, I know where they are.

They have a home—even if it is a temporary one—until they get to their permanent home. I did tell you that I love organization, right? 😉  This is part of the system that I really love, I put this clip on the front of the basket and I am able to hook my needles on there as a temporary solution. It’s a little thing but it keeps things together when I don’t have the time to put them away.

When inspiration strikes for a new design or I see a pattern that I need to cast on right now, I can put my hands on the right needles in moments. And that makes me very happy!

What is your system, and are you thrilled with it or is it a work in progress?

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