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This is an in depth collaboration to really refine your pattern through a combination of Zoom Calls and a video recording with design explanations/suggestions geared specifically to YOUR pattern. I will be explaining the why to you every step of the way, so you can make changes on your own going forward. 

✔   30-Minute Consultation 
✔   Video Design Assessment 
✔   Feedback with Actionable Suggestions
✔   30-Minute Follow-up Zoom Call 
✔   Final Review of Design

Pattern Rx


Brenda Schack, BrenJS Knits

"Erin’s Design RX service helped me make my knitting patterns visually beautiful, easier to read, and modern looking. I love how professional and clean my knitting patterns now look. Thank you, Erin!

Jenessa, Just One More Thing

"I'm so happy I bought this product. Immediately, all my questions were answered and I was able to finally get the clarity and results I was looking for. Thank you!"


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