I know you been working so hard at creating your knitwear design business and I know part of you just isn't happy with it. You are trying to make sure you cover all of the bases. Create Design. Check. Write Pattern. Check. Social Media. Website. Market your Pattern. Check, check, check. But you aren't sure what you should do next? That's where I come in. Let me help you.  

Coaching for Designers

Direction without frustration

Hi, I'm Erin—a knitwear and graphic designer—and I have been designing and selling patterns for over 3 years. Like you, when I started designing, I was overwhelmed by all of the steps that needed to happen and thought there had to be an easier and more effective way to do this. So I dove deep and created the system that I use now. With this system, I have cut down on the time that I need to devote to my business and have continued to increase my profitability year over year. And now I want to teach this system to you!

A little about me

• First, I'll discuss your current strategy with you, we'll go through what you're doing now and we'll assess what's missing. Then I will help you make a plan so that you know exactly the order you should approach your list. 

• Next, using what I have been doing in my system as a checklist, as well as listen to where you are in your journey, we'll figure out not only what is missing, but what would be best to add in next.

Introducing Coaching for Designers!

• Then, together we walk through your creative process, of designing, setting deadlines, and marketing. By examining this, I can see the places where there are gaps, or areas that would benefit from more focused attention.

• Finally, we come up with your customized plan for pattern releases, how often you want to post to social media, creating or growing your email list and how to improve your website.

• Four 45-minute coaching calls over 2 months.
• Assignments after each call to move your business forward.
• Assessment of your website/social media with feedback
on how to improve it. 
• Weekly office hours for questions.

Here's what to expect

Sounds great, sign me up!

Sounds great,
sign me up!


I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

My camera

Caption for the next thing would go right here.

Thing #2 

This is another caption for this third item right here. 

Thing #3

This area can be used for any kind of list. Get creative!

Thing #4

Your fifth must-have would go right about here. Yup, yup.

Thing #5

This is for you if...

• You have been in business for about a year or more.
• You have been feeling overwhelmed by going it on your own. 
• You are not sure what to do next. 

This isn't for you if...

• You are a brand new business.
• You don't like systems and plans. 
• You have a plan that's working. 
• You don't like getting help. 

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I really can’t thank you enough for walking me through these steps.




I appreciate all of Erin's wisdom with systems. She is one amazing lady.




Erin was able to answer so many questions I had about social media, publishing, pricing & more.





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